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New procedures to report who worked the games.  Check the Pay Information Tab

Waiver and Informational Letter posted on the Forms page

We will be using Game Officials this year.

Please do not create a new user name if you already have a Game Officials login

Instructions for existing users click here
Instructions for new users click here

Informational Meetings

New Referee field training


Dress to referee, bring your bag as if you were going to referee a game.

Let Merry know that you will be there by sending an email to mnrefassignor@comcast.net



Link to mandatory Concussions training  www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/Training/HeadsUpConcussion.html  All Soccer referee must complete concussion training through this site or high school.  To access the High School concussion training go to http://www.mshsl.org/mshsl/Concussion2014/index.asp 

Instructions for the MYSA background check are on the MYSA page

Information if you still need a referee kit, see flyer here
Meetings will be posted here as scheduled, presentations are below for your review



Contact us if you need help getting registered or signed up for your clinic.  

Your grade in school is not associated with your soccer referee grade

Grade 8 referee can center referee or AR.  As a grade 8 you can center up to 2 years under your age and AR up to what your age.  When you feel comfortable you can start centering.

Grade 9 referee can only center traveling up to U10  and AR up to U14.  For in-house or rec programs you can center or AR any age.

The above lists will be what your assigner is comfortable assigning you at.

You do not need to attend the clinic hosted by the club you want to work for.  Go to any clinic that works into your schedule and you will be able to referee for any club or tournament in the US.



Meeting Presentation


Send all Game Reports to MYSA office, 11577 Encore

Minnetonka, MN 55343


 Make sure that you go to the Forms page to get the Summer Informational  Letter and all the forms that you need to get to us before we can assign you any games.  Without a W-9, Proof of age and a waiver we CANNOT pay you for any games you work.



If you have any questions or concerns you can call Merry at 763-754-2047 home, 

 or E-Mail me at mnrefassignor@comcast.net


Minnesota Referees:

Registration with US Soccer for 2015 certification is now open on the MNSRC website, www.minnesotasrc.com.

As with last year, you will have to pay your registration fee, then take your test, then complete online requirements before registering for a course. We have made some changes to the process to remove some of the challenges we have encountered.

First, when paying, please make sure the address for your card matches that on your card statement exactly. If it does not match, there is a good chance the site will reject the card. This is a security measure to prevent credit card theft; it may be frustrating, but it is implemented to protect your privacy.

Second, the full clinic list will be available for viewing this year from the start. You do not have to be logged in or have paid your registration fees to view the list. However, you will have to have registered for a clinic when you show up to it, or you will be turned away, so please be sure to complete all pre-class tasks before arriving for a clinic. Dozens of people were turned away last year when they assumed they could just show up and get their badge. We are quite serious in how we plan to enforce this requirement.